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Soft Skills for Future Leaders ! 
Increased Self-Confidence - People Skills - Fearless Public Speaking - Strong First Impressions -Rembembering Names - Conversation Skills - Exceptional Listening - Leadership
Previous Grads Say it All

“I’ve noticed a happier person in myself and I feel more in control of my life and my future. I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity your program provided me for growth.” Erin James
"This course has proven to me that I can get up in front of a group of people and talk. I’ve gained self-confidence and lost my fear of speaking in public.” Chris Stewart
“I liken this course to practicing for my first driver’s license. In order to succeed, you must practice in situations similar to the real thing. This course gave me that opportunity.”  Patrick Bar
“I love the interaction and the fact that we use incidents from outside class. This course is not superficial, but deeper and more sincere.” Reena Kuba
“I went to my first residency interview and although I was nervous, once I shook hands and made eye contact, I was able to answer questions quickly and with poise.”  Annie Philip
“It’s nice to have the support to grow and sharpen your skills. This course helped me build my confidence and communication skills.” Ashleigh Peters
“The Leadership Academy gave me the confidence to greet the world with a firm handshake and a warm smile.” Sally Washburn
“I learned how to radiate self-confidence and maintain poise under pressure.” Alisa Calloway
“I have gained so much confidence from this course. I’ve improved in my personal relationships and in my work environment. Others can see a difference, too.” Sarah Rathwick
“What I got out of the course was the desire to be the best person I could be.” Kyle Richardson