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My Exclusive Book!

Tricia Beck's Book

Mentoring Lifts and Inspires: Women Empowering Women

Are you looking to fast track your professional goals? How about discovering a clearer path for career advancements? Or, increasing your self-confidence to the next level?

Mentoring Lifts and Inspires: Women Empowering Women by Tricia Beck

Whether you’re just starting your career, returning to the workforce, changing careers, or striving for promotions or advancements…

Working with a mentor will help you:
  1. Take control of your life and dreams
  2. Set and complete meaningful goals
  3. Grow confidence and belief in yourself
  4. Make the most of your hard-earned skills
  5. Increase your earning potential
  6. Conquer limiting beliefs
  7. Gain hope for your future
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Imagine if you had a trusted guide who had your best interest at heart, ready to share a vault of personal experiences. Working with a mentor can empower you to go further, faster, with more joy and fulfillment!
In this book you will learn:
  • What mentoring is, and is not
  • Characteristics of great mentors and mentees
  • How to find a mentor
  • How to create a great mentoring relationship
  • The benefits of mentoring programs
  • Different mentoring models

Twenty-nine amazing personal stories, from a wide range of women, offer their unique perspectives on how mentoring made lasting impacts in their lives.