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Soft Skills for Future Leaders ! 
Increased Self-Confidence - People Skills - Fearless Public Speaking - Strong First Impressions -Rembembering Names - Conversation Skills - Exceptional Listening - Leadership
A Hands-On Experience

I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand - 

Chineese Proverb

​Beck Leadership is NOT about taking notes, listening to lectures, or watching lengthy slide presentations. It's about learning-to-do-by-doing, by participating, taking risk, applying the materials on a daily basis, in and outside of the classroom. 
In a positive and reinforcing environment that encourages growth, you'll have a wide variety of opportunities to practice your communication and leadership skills. This proven, once-a-week for 5 weeks class, will equip you with the essential tools you need to become an effective, charismatic leader ... in any situation.
"We don't receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us." ~~   Marcel Proust

Course Outline 

Training is different from seminars. With a seminar you might watch slides, participate in discussions and take notes. Training is more involving and personalized to goals, and skill improvement versus knowledge. Even exposure to the truth will not enhance ability unless there is awareness, motivation, application, evaluation and finally, personal acceptance of a new technique. Therefore, training is conducted on a spaced-repetition schedule, allowing the process of learning to occur. It is impossible to change what we are not aware of, and equally difficult to improve, until we find a better, sometimes easier method and convince ourselves to use it on a continuous basis. Self-improvement is a process of self-discovery, closer to a combination lock, than a key.

"Nothing is ever real until it is experienced." John Keats

Session 1
  •      Orientation
  •      Leadership Needs Assessment
  •      Setting Course Goals
  •      Remembering Names
  •      Positive First Impressions
  •      Overcoming Speaking Fears

Session 2
  •      Memory Improvement System One
  •      Leadership Accountability Reports
  •      Dealing with Difficult Personalities
  •      Becoming an Excellent Listener
  •      Leadership Writing
  •      Communicating Clearly and Concisely

Session 3
  •      Memory Improvement System Two
  •      Leadership Accountability Reports
  •      Comfortable and Confident Speaking
  •      Building Rapport and Holding Attention
  •      Conversational Skills
  •      Increasing Enthusiasm

  • Session 4
  •      Leadership Accountability Reports
  •      Lasting First Impressions
  •      Reducing Conflicts and Disagreements
  •      Group Team Building
  •      Organizing Thoughts on Short Notice
  •      Becoming More Persuasive

Session 5
  •      Leadership Accountability Reports
  •      Making Formal Introductions
  •      Tripling Impromptu Speaking Skills
  •      Involving Listeners
  •      Validating Growth
  •      Graduation

Any missed session can be attended with subsequent classes without penalty.

Materials Included in this Course

1. Participant Guide
2. Book, Fearless and Persuasive Speaking, a guide for future leaders, by Ken Bradford
3. Soft Skills, 40 Leadership Techniques, table-top card set
4. Booklets: Remember More Names, Exceptional Listening, Small-Talk is a Big Deal, Lasting First Impressions

"There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots, the other is wings." ~ Hodding Carter