Can't Google This!
Soft Skills for Future Leaders ! 
Increased Self-Confidence - People Skills - Fearless Public Speaking - Strong First Impressions -Rembembering Names - Conversation Skills - Exceptional Listening - Leadership
This Can't be Googled 

       The ABILITY to

                 * Address groups comfortably and  persuasively
                 * Remember names of people you just met
                 * Conversation skills that build rapport
                 * Become an Exceptional listener
                 * Make better decisions under pressure
                 * Deliver your best first impression
                 * Take confidence to the next level
With over 30 years experience in a variety of educational settings, Tricia Beck understands what the catalyst for lasting skill mastery is... ACTION, coaching, practice and immediate positive feedback!  No one  learns how to golf or drive a car by reading about it, for example. And, the confidence to look a prospective college admisions counselor, or employer, in the eye with a genuine smile, appropriate small talk to build instant rapport, as well as the ability to speak with genuine passion, are invaluable lifelong skills that must be experienced in a safe learning environment.

Teacher, Trainer, Transformer ... Tricia Beck, ​​M.Ed.

Tricia leverages her  extensive background in education, life coaching, and training to create a learning experience like no other. Participants don't "learn" a new skill ... they "DO" a new skill  in a positive environment that reinforces learning in a way that will be carried with them throughout their lifetime. 

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"I don't teach, I inspire." Tricia Beck