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Soft Skills for Future Leaders ! 
Increased Self-Confidence - People Skills - Fearless Public Speaking - Strong First Impressions -Rembembering Names - Conversation Skills - Exceptional Listening - Leadership

What do you want for your child?

Parents want their son or daughter to:

  • improve communication and social skills
  • build a stronger belief in themselves and their abilities to succeed
  • develop a healthy sense of identity separate from peers & parents
  • be more self-motivated
  • develop and maintain healthy personal relationships
  • be well equiped to meet prospective college advisors or employers with confidence that sets them apart 
  • complete high school and college within a designated time and maximize  investments in their education
  • be happy

  "Soft skills cannot be Googled.... they must be experienced."  Tricia Beck

We all want the best for our children and this goes beyond providing a great formal education.  As a parent,  you have a broader view of what education really means. You realize success in life is  about communication,  getting along well with people, and presentsing yourself as a confident leader to the world.

"How well we communicate ultimately determines the quality of our life."  Anthony Robbins

Is you child getting the skills they truly need for universal success? You recognize and  want them to be equipped with the ability to influence  others, express themselves and their ideas, and grow into well-rounded, confident adulthood...because you care.

Caring Instructors will coach, mentor and instruct your child in the maserty of these essential skills in a very positive, highly interactive setting.

Like a rubber band, we all fulfill our potential best when we are stretched. In a caring and supportive environment, participants will be challenged  to take risks and explore what they are capable of.  Successes inspire new habits!
While knowledge involves the acquisition of facts or information,  skills are  the ability to DO something well. The ONLY way to develop a skill is to practice riding a bike.  Skills are built with spaced repetition and positive encouragement, which foster  self motivation. With newfound skills, we  move to the next level of challenge with joy in an upward spiral towards mastery of even more new skills.
This is the process we will leverage to make lifelong changes that will positively impact your child's success right now, and into their future.

At Beck Leadership, we help young adults become the best version of who they can be. Our multiple classroom exercieses, spaced repetition, outside assignments, personalized coaching, and accountability reporting in front of peers, is the winning formula for your child's  self discovery! 

Our reward is hearing parents tell us what a positive difference they SEE in their child. 

That's what you want. That's what your child wants. At Beck Leadership, that is our goal.
Positive Self Image
Broadened Horizons
Creating opportunities to become the best version of who a young adult can be!
Welcome to Beck Leadership
Beck Leadership provides an unique learning experience for young adults to hone their essential soft skills, the habits that open up valuable relationships, position them as leaders and cause them to be remembered.
We polish the basics of communicating and dealing with people... two of the greatest challenges everyone faces. Through  positive, learn-by-doing  experiences, the Beck Leadership course will spark real results!
We can't "talk" self confidence into teens, they have to experience it - repeatedly, with positive reinforcement.